Command and Control Center Specialist

Alabama Power Company/Southern Company Services

Birmingham, AL:
$4,000,000 Renovation of Control Rooms for both
companies in one large area of Alabama Power’s facility.

Baltimore Gas & Electric Company

Renovation of existing bulk Power Control Room with new
Operator Consoles and Credenzas.

Bell of New Jersey

Egg Harbor, NJ:
Design of a 10,000 square foot computer-driven Telephone
Information Service Facility with 24 hour operations, emergency
power generators, and an Uninterruptible Power Supply
for continuous on-line operations.

Boston Edison

Boston, MA:
Detail design and console design for ten new Control Rooms
located within a new $7,000,000 facility.

Central Illinois Light Company

Peoria, IL:
Control Room Renovations.

Centerior Energy

Cleveland, OH:
Planning of Dispatch Operations.

Cincinnati Gas and Electri

Cincinnati, OH: (Now CinErgy)
Control Room Design and planning of renovated existing
Power management Division Control and Computer Rooms,
a project totaling $400,000.

East Kentucky Power Cooperative

Winchester, KY:
Planning and Design renovations of existing Control Room.

FIrst Union National Bank

Philadelphia and Chester, PA:
Renovation of branch bank at 17th and Market street,
renovation of check processing unit in Chester.

Guam Power Authority

Territory go Guam:
Design of a $3,000,000 expansion and renovation of an
existing Control Center.